Horn Speakers.
High End.
No Voodoo.
Beauty in Simplicity.

Inspired by the Past,
Formed by the Present.
Made in the Czech Republic.

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Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser.
Acoustic Treatment for your Listening Room.
Different Sizes and Patterns Available.

Our Audio Products

Sound that you will not forget… Unique audio solutions for demanding listeners, quality stereo and home cinema. High end speakers of the highest quality, fitted with highly sensitive full-range drivers, without frequency crossovers. Excellent spatiality and instrument localization, full details. Meet quality without compromise and indulge yourself into the ultimate listening experience.

Evolution Speakers

Unique hifi speakers—a combination of a natural horn cabinet baffle principle, latest technology and exclusive design

  • Only one high sensitivity speaker driver (98 dB)
  • No frequency crossover
  • Back-loaded horn cabinet baffle
  • Patented design

Euphoria Speakers

Compact hifi speakers with powerful bass

  • High sensitivity 8″ speaker driver (98 dB)
  • Strong 15″ woofer (101 dB)
  • Adjustable bass (five levels)
  • Double weight distribution using glass or wooden spheres

RD Power Filter

Protect your devices the pure way.

  • Overvoltage protection
  • EMC filtration​
  • High frequency electromagnetic interference protection
  • Protection against external electromagnetic field


RCA cable made of OCC silver. Free the signal path of your audio components of any obstructions!

  • Silver purity of 99.99998 %
  • Handmade
  • 24K gold plated RCA plugs
  • Signal path soldered with oxygen free tin

Audio Components

  • Amplifier
  • Filter
  • Computer

Acoustic Products

Here you will find the part of our portfolio devoted to room acoustics solutions.

  • Diffusers in different patterns and sizes
  • Acoustic Canvas
  • Ceiling Absorber
  • Professional acoustics measuring services and counselling

The uncompromising audio solutions, innovative approach and attention to detail is what makes our products fit the description of high end. We avoid fairytales and voodoo stories which are frequent in the world of high end audio. Our products are built on strong, verified and well-founded bases. We favour simplicity accompanied by components and parts of the highest quality.