About us

We are music lovers which we perceive as the art. Our motivation is to transfer this art in the finest possible details to the listener.

Why RDacoustic?


For much of my life, I have been looking for answers to the primary questions of my own dissatisfaction with the many audio components of “renowned” brands. The undoubtedly the loudspeaker systems play the biggest role in the quality of the transmitted signal. I was dissatisfied with what the market was offering and thinking therefor about the design of my own speaker systems. During listening to music, I am particularly interested about details. For as many details as possible, I need the most responsive speaker and ideally without crossover. The answer was a custom horn structure using a highly sensitive broadband speaker that preceded more than 20 different prototypes. Finally, I was happy with the sound. My surroundings perceived the unconventional horny baffle very positively, so we decided to go on with David. Based on our experience, the project of the uncompromising design of Evolution was created. Many successes with Evolution have led to the emergence of RDacoustic company.


We have known Radovan since childhood, music and DIY have been always our big hobbies. We have constructed a large number of joint projects that have confirmed that physics simply applies 🙂 and that many of the well-known broadband 

structures that run the Internet do not work and can not work. We are not limited only to speaker systems, we would like to offer our customers a complete assortment of audio components. Our shared approach is as simple as possible with the use of the highest quality components. Listening of quality recording on high quality audio equipment is a great experience, relaxation and relaxation. Precision and high quality are the attributes that our products characterize.

Where do we go from and where?

In 2014, we entered by the High End Audio World in Prague. As a result, the impression of the right way and the courage to enter the foreign markets was also strengthened. This was managed to realize in 2016 by High End Munich. Thanks to our good reputation, we have begun to work with foreign partners and our products have found their way to neighboring countries as well. At the moment, we are walking honestly step by step, increasing the quality of our products and reflecting the response from our customers. Their current satisfaction gives us fuel to deepen foreign trade in both the European and non-European markets.