Enviee speaker drivers

High quality Full Range Enviee speaker drivers / widebanders from Germany. The individual parts were handpicked and developed only for the speaker driver, to guarantee a high standard of quality. The magnet has its own importance Anti-EMK. The oscillating system has a central relevance in the sound radiation. A light and stiff membrane, flexible crimp and accurate, linear centering module is a pre-condition. The crimp was mechanical stabilized through a special spider.

Full Range Driver

Enviee Basic

Price  1175 EUR
Frequency  20 kHz
Impedance  8 Ohm
Sensitivity  95.2 dB/ 1 W/1 m
Power 50W nom.
Weight 1,7 kg
RDacoustic speaker driver Enviee

RDacoustic speaker driver Enviee

  The magnet has its own importance for the full-range driver. Induction in the gap needs to be efficient and linear across the poles. A Anti-EMK is prevented, the modulation-field is hot-wired. The out of alloy casted magnet – AlNiCo, adds his own sonic quality to the speaker, without hardness.