High End Speakers


These unique stereo hifi speakers take advantage of the ideal properties of a full-range driver. They are characterized by their detailed elocution, excellent spatiality and instrument localization. Aside from the full-range driver, the Euphoria speakers are also fitted with a strong, highly sensitive 15″ woofer driver. A partially open baffle of the smaller full-range driver serves as a balanced dynamic brake to its membrane.
The dividing frequency for the woofer is 220 Hz—as low as possible, taking into account the human hearing physiology. At higher frequencies, the human ear is sensitive to phase shift of the signal inevitably caused by the crossover. For the reproduction of frequencies between 220 Hz and 22 kHz, the upper full-range driver is utilized. There is no frequency crossover in its signal path.
With the originality of the solution, the baffle optimized without any construction compromises and through a range of empirical tests, we created high end audiophile speakers which deliver very detailed sound with a powerful bass component. Home cinema, hifi systems.


  • Adjustable balancing of the bass component in five levels:
    • Pure—the maximum of details
    • Balanced—balanced listening
    • Defined +1 dB—a slight dominance of the bass
    • Defined +2 dB—a medium dominance of the bass
    • Defined +3 dB—a strong dominance of the bass
  • Full-range driver:
    • Dimension: 8″
    • Sensitivity: 98 dB/1 W
    • Qts 0.19
  • Woofer driver:
    • Dimension: 15″
    • Sensitivity 101 dB/1 W
    • Qts 0.29
  • Total achievable power: 300 W
  • Dividing frequency of the frequency crossover: 220 Hz
  • Crossover only for the woofer driver
  • Gold plated Bi-amping terminals
  • The front and rear faces are made of 40 mm thick solid oak wood.
  • The body is made of a special Ultra-HDF board.
  • The baffle is divided to separate each speaker driver.
  • The entire circumference of the side wall is padded with cushioning material which absorbs any unwanted vibrations of the baffle.
  • Double weight distribution achieved with an unconventional system


  • Height: 93 cm
  • Width: 51 cm
  • Depth: 48 cm
  • Weight: 2x 45 kg
  • Finish: Natural, Red. Price: €8 790.

Made to order: please allow up to two months for production. (A shorter time is usually needed.)
If you are interested in a different finish, or have any other special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
You can specify the material of the spikes (wood/glass) in the note.

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Full-range Driver

is designed for a maximally accurate and detailed elocution. The membrane coil sits in a very strong homogenous magnetic field. The membrane consists of two parts—the circumferential membrane, which transmits most of the audible frequency band, and the smaller central membrane, which transmits the higher frequencies. This is not a coaxial speaker driver.

Bi-amping Connection Terminal Clamp

is made of 99.8 % pure copper using a CNC plasma laser and a 3 mm thick copper plate. The clamp is then galvanized with gold for better surface conductivity and resistance against oxidation.

Adjustable Bass Component

Thanks to a five level settings which balances the bass component, one can optimize the volume of bass frequencies according to individual preference, room characteristics, or music genre.

Weight Distribution

Our unconventional system of weight distribution rests in the use of dried oak or glass spheres (per customer’s choice), each 35 mm in diameter. The entire weight of the speaker is distributed onto three branches of the base. Using the sphere, each of these branches has two points of contact with the floor. This ensures that only a minimum of vibrations is transmitted to the floor.


Phase Stabilisers

Speaker phase stabilizator plug 60mm

Phase stabiliser is an option for further tweaking of the sound. It equalizes the acoustic pressure in the centre of the speaker driver, prevents acoustic reflections between the walls of the membrane and directs the acoustic pressure to the listener. The effect of the phase stabiliser is audible in the localization of heights.
One can experiment with the length of the stabiliser (we offer lengths between 40 and 80 mm). They are made of dried oak wood for its hardness and excellent reflectivity. All the extensions are easily mounted thanks to a magnetic base, which is held in place by the centre magnet of the driver.



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