The unique HIFI construction of High End speakers Euphoria takes advantage of full range driver, which features detailed recitation, outstanding spaciousness and localization of instruments. Euphoria HIFI speakers are also equipped with powerful and highly sensitive fifteen inch woofer speaker driver.
Dividing frequency 220Hz for woofer driver is selected as low as possible with a regard to the physiology of human hearing, which in higher frequencies is sensitive on phase shift signals, which is caused by frequency crossover. From the frequency of 220Hz to 22KHz plays upper full-range driver, there is no crossover used in the signal.

Originality of audio solution, optimization of baffle without any construction design compromises, based on amount of tests, we have created audiophile high end speakers, which bring indescribable detailed listening with powerful bass component.

Home audio, home theater, really HIGH END for Audiophiles.

Technical Parameters

  • Full-range Driver
    • Dimensions 8”
    • Sensitivity of 98dB/1W
    • Qts 0,19
  • Bass speaker Driver / woofer
    • Dimensions 15”
    • Sensitivity of 101 dB/ 1W
    • Qts 0.29
  • Setting the balance ratio of bass content to the five levels
    • Pure – maximum details
    • Balanced – balanced listening
    • Defined + 1dB – a slight predominance of bass
    • Defined + 2dB – a medium predominance of bass
    • Defined +3dB – a strong predominance of bass
  • Total available power 300W
  • Selectable sensitivity of woofer’s performance in 5 levels
  • Front and rear face is made of 40 mm thick solid wood
  • The body of speaker is made of special Ultra-HDF
  • Frequency crossover only for woofer driver
  • Dividing crossover of frequency switch 150Hz
  • Gold plated terminals BI-AMPING
  • The baffle is divided to separate each speaker driver.
  • The perimeter of the sidewall is coated with an absorbing material, which isolates vibrations of the baffle.
  • Double speaker spike unconventional system using real wood spheres 35 mm

High End speakers Euphoria - RDacoustic


Height93 cm
Width51 cm
Depth48 cm
Weight2 x 45 kg
Price8 790 EUR

Full-Range Driver

RDacoustic tuned speaker driver Fostex FE206EN

It is designed for maximum accuracy and detailed recitation. Coil of the diaphragm is placed in a very strong homogenous magnetic field. The membrane consists of two parts; the circumferential membrane transmits most of the audible frequency band and smaller middle membrane transmits higher frequency. This is not a coaxial speaker.

Linking clamp BI-Amping

Linking clamp BI-Amping High End speakers Euphoria

It is made of 99.8% pure copper. The clamp is made by using CNC plasma laser from 3mm thick copper desk. The clamp is then gold plated for a better surface conductivity and oxidation resistance.

Special speaker spikes

Non-traditional solution of spikes of High End speakers Euphoria is solved by using real wood balls with a diameter of 35 mm. The total weight of the speaker is carried out on three legs base. Through the use of the shape of balls, each of the leg has a total of two points of contact with the floor, which due to this solution carries a minimum of vibration.