The RD power filter for HIFI home audio is a unique product from RDacoustic company. It effectively protects your appliances against lightning surge while simultaneously cleaning the power supply from unwanted electrosmog. The result is to increase the sound and picture quality of your appliances. Home audio, HIFI, home theater and other.

Protection against

  • Surge Protection (LEMP – Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse)
  • Electromagnetic interference protection according to the EMC standard
    • Fast transition pulses BURST
    • High energy pulses SURGE
    • High Frequency Electromagnetic Interference
    • Protection from external electromagnetic field


Technical parameters

Length1,5 m
Weight2 kg
Max. transmitted power500W
Max. voltage230VAC + 10% max
Max. current 2.2A
Internal impedance0,5Ω
Max leakage current0.075mA
Power consumption<0.1W
Surge protection>4500V
Burst protection>6000V
El.magnetic field protection>20V/m
EMC filtering-17dB (30kHz to 10MHz)


What is EMC?

  • RD power filter euro plug, surge protector, lightning arrester, power conditioner, EMI filter. Protect Audio, HIFI, BlueRay, SACD, 4kTV and other by pure way.