Photographs From Exhibitions

AudioVideoShow Prague (9 March–10 March 2018)

Audio Video Show Warsaw (17 November–19 November 2017)

AV Trend Budapest (11 November–12 November 2017)

AES Berlin (22 May–23 May 2017)

High End Munich (18 May–21 May 2017)

AudioVideoShow Prague (31 March–1 April 2017)

 AV Trend Budapest (12 November–13 November 2016)

Audio Video Show Warsaw (4 November–6 November 2016)

High End Munich (5 April–8 April 2016)

AudioVideoShow Prague (11 March–12 March 2016)

Our Evolution hifi speakers were first presented to the public at this very exhibition in Prague. The speakers were powered by a Leben tube amplifier and a simple Pioneer SACD player.