Sound that you will not forget… Unique audio solutions for demanding listeners, quality stereo and home cinema. High end speakers of the highest quality, fitted with highly sensitive full-range drivers. Excellent spatiality and instrument localization, full details. Meet quality without compromise and indulge yourself into the ultimate listening experience.

Evolution Speakers

Unique hifi speakers—a combination of a natural horn cabinet baffle principle, latest technology and exclusive design

  • Only one high sensitivity speaker driver (98 dB)
  • No frequency crossover
  • Back-loaded horn cabinet baffle
  • Patented design

Euphoria Speakers

Compact hifi speakers with powerful bass

  • High sensitivity 8″ speaker driver (98 dB)
  • Strong 15″ woofer (101 dB)
  • Adjustable bass (five levels)
  • Double weight distribution using glass or wooden spheres