Evolution Speakers

You feel like sitting in the first row at a concert. (…) [The listening] gives you an amazing insight into the recording—you know exactly where each musician is standing, instruments have real size and most importantly, very accurate spatial anchoring including, for example, reverberation of the cymbal, realistically depicting the entire recording room.
You will sense the liveliness of music when listening to piano solos, for example. To this day, I have not heard such sound when listening to reproduced music. (…) A surprising advantage is that this impression persists not only with normal, but also with very low volume. Even in such case, the sketching is preserved, nothing is smudged or missing, as would the listener expect.”
“I have been considering whether to state this for a long time: “It’s a best-buy of the decade!” And here it is.”

(Note: The Czech original, from which the above has been accurately translated, can be read here.)

At the first catch, the Evolution speakers enthrall by detailed rendering of midrange and clean, open heights, balanced sound and excellent space reproduction with precise instrument localization. One, that is usually unheard of even in the world of high end.”

(Note: The Czech original, from which the above has been accurately translated, can be read here.)

“(…) the more I listen to this recording the more enamoured I become of this speaker’s ability to make you feel you are listening to real musicians playing in real space before you… the vocal is truly stunning!”
“The guitar solo [from Deep Purple’s live version of Smoke On The Water] (…) is presented as realistically as I’ve heard on any speaker at any price.”
“(…) the whispered nursery rhyme over the main mix at the start [in Induologue’s Day By Day] and the detail that it is presented with (…) is as good as I’ve heard at any price… again.”

“With wooden ears on [note: the Oris 500 front horn], the outcome is quite horn-alike, which for many enthusiasts is something to die for.”
“David Brubeck’s “Take Five” (…) was a real eye-opener. All the instruments were sketched precisely, yet not clinical at all, and had a very vivid appearance in a remarkably convincing, big and open soundstage.”
“This kind of an easygoing experience is something to behold. When one simply enjoys it to a degree when it’s rather difficult to switch to a precise evaluation mode… that’s perfectly fine and desirable scenario.”

“Instead of sounding tied down hard with comealong winches whilst sucking air through a narrow port tube (…), the Evolution with its large horn mouth and single driver behaved like an enormous heaving organism blessed with huge lungs.”
“The payback fun of not using a xover and multiple sound sources was the huge scale and easeful gush.”

Euphoria Speakers

“(…) the speakers will gain your sympathies with transparent sound across the entire range transmitted, detailed presentation of midrange, depth of space and flawless instrument localization.”
“The only thing to disturb you from the audiophile nirvana could be an inappropriately chosen recording of lower technical quality. One, to which common speakers would be more merciful.”

(Note: The Czech original, from which the above has been accurately translated, can be read here.)

“These are a nicely balanced speaker that I think will appeal to many with a wide taste in music.”

“[the designers] have built a well constructed, very open sounding speaker system. Its strongest point is space representation. Dynamics is great and the sound is well balanced.”
“The very first impression is the precise depiction of space, the deep and wide stage and high amount of details. You don’t hear the speakers, you hear the piano, (…) [which is] well placed in space.”
“The feeling is three-dimensional. The position of individual members of a small baroque band in space could be exactly determined. (…) the cembalo in the back of the stage, which is usually a little blurry, showed up clear.”
“(…) we found out how realistically the Euphoria can reproduce a guitar performance. The speakers are fast enough to reveal even the smallest details.”

RD Power Filter

For obvious reasons, rather than dealing with electromagnetic interference filtering and surge protection our filter is focused on, this review provides insight into the resulting sound our filter provides when used with different setups.

“Because of thick yet quite flexible cable, the product itself is in general easy to use.”
“RD power filter is very nicely made and feels luxurious. (…) Judging solely by how it’s made, how it looks and feels like, many manufacturers would slap a far heavier asking price on such a product, that’s a given.”
“The Czech cable sang leaner and quicker, these were the most prominent differences. (…) the Czech’s skill set seemed to be (…) broader, thus in general more universal.”
“[It did play] something else surely of more hifi sort. Insight into detailing layer was on the pedestal (…) the outcome was airier and more open when RD power filter was on.”

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