A space with poor acoustics will always sound mediocre, even with the best speakers. Quality acoustic conditions are a necessary prerequisite for a comfortable environment.

Modern clean minimalist interiors, be it residential or representative spaces, conference rooms, offices with large glass panes, concrete and other hard surfaces, require treatment to improve acoustic comfort.


Rdacoustic can be proud of its portfolio completeness. Aside from speakers, we want to offer our customers as comprehensive a service in the area of high end audio as possible. We provide our customer with service even after they leave the store. One of the main factors that determine the quality of an audio chain is acoustics of a room. In this area, apart from products we manufacture, we also offer professional counselling at different levels.


Measuring and Recommendation

Interior acoustics, especially for high end audio, is our specialty. Based on measurements of reverberation, we are able to propose proper acoustic treatment, that will lead to an overall balanced elocution inside the listening space.

Basic tips on improving acoustics of a listening space can be found here on our blog. If you need help with your acoustic solution, contact us.

Measuring and Expert Report

In collaboration with the Experimental Noise Laboratory EHAKL (Ing. Michal Weisz, Ph.D.) at the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, we offer:

  • Measuring frequency, directional and response properties of speakers
  • Measuring reverberation properties of a space and its optimisation in connection with the required purpose
  • Proposals of acoustic treatment
  • Mathematical modeling of acoustics in a space

Our Products for Improving Acoustics

Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser

Our hybrid acoustic diffuser evenly diffuses and partly absorbs acoustic pressure.
It improves the feeling of spatiality and lowers duration of reverberation.

  • Different patterns
  • Different sizes
  • Diffusion or absorption versions

Acoustic Diffuser QRD67

Evenly diffuses acoustic pressure.
Enhances listening spatiality and minimises unwanted sound wave reflections.

  • Diffusion from: 345 Hz
  • Number of points N: 67 x 67 = 4489
  • Size: 168 x 168 x 32 cm
  • Panel depth: 25 cm
  • Minimal distance from the listener: 1.4 m

What we are Preparing:

Acoustic Canvas

Artistic form of reverberation time optimisation. Choose a canvas done by our collaborating artists, or have one painted according to your own wishes. We will reprint the original in high quality on a permeable cotton canvas.
Inside the deep frame of the canvas, there is a system of hollow resonators that significantly reduce duration of reverberation.
Apart from living, the acoustic canvas is also suitable for representative spaces, offices, or conference rooms.

  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Any motif
  • Proper drawing sharpness

Ceiling Absorber

Our ceiling absorber greatly absorbs acoustic energy and shortens reverberation time. Especially in modern interiors with extensive glass and concrete surfaces, it improves acoustic comfort. Being a design accessory, it complements the room at the same time.