Reference High ENd Listening Studio

A thousand words about details, spatiality and overall uniqueness of our sound can not replace one minute of live listening. Taste a luxurious listening experience in our new listening room on Svazarmovska 1011 in Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic. Please contact us beforehand to arrange for a session.

Ariving from afar? Check what Roznov has to offer! The Beskydy mountains surrounding the town call for a range of sport activities, be it hiking the marked trails (both long and undemanding) or mountain biking, paragliding, winter sports and more. The local brewery offers beer baths with wellness. The Wallachian Open Air Museum, founded in 1925, is an assembly of mainly original relocated buildings and allows one to get acquainted with local traditional culture, architecture and crafts and refers to the region’s rich history.

We look forward to your visit!

Aside from our listening room, you can also visit a listening place of one of our partners, as listed below. Choose a place and enjoy the listening experience in private. You will also find us at one of the upcoming audio exhibitions.

Click an icon in the map to find out more about a listening place. The button in the upper-left corner of the map opens a list of the listening places, sorted by country. In case you already own a product of ours and you would like to allow others to listen as well, you can contact us and become our partner in doing so.

Audio Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions:

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Exhibitions We Attended:


  • 28. 2.–29. 2. AudioVideoShow Prague


  • 26 October–27 October Hifi Show Budapest
  • 1 March–2 March AudioVideoShow Prague


  • 27 October–28 October Hifi Show Budapest
  • 9 March–10 March AudioVideoShow Prague


  • 17 November–19 November Audio Video Show Warsaw
  • 11 November–12 November AV Trend Budapest
  • 22 May–23 May AES Berlin
  • 18 May–21 May High End Munich
  • 31 March–1 April AudioVideoShow Prague


  • 12 November–13 November AV Trend Budapest
  • 4 November–6 November Audio Video Show Warsaw
  • 5 April–8 April High End Munich
  • 11 March–12 March AudioVideoShow Prague